Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach

Fight Like a Girl – Friday June 23 Live on SFR Sport 5

Girl Power is a one-night eight-woman featherweight kickboxing contest. To take all, the contender has to collect three victories during one evening in the format of the Olympic system tournament: quarter-final, semi-final and final. The fast-paced bouts are scheduled at 3×2 minute rounds. Prestigious WKN championship belt at stake. The event is held at Platinum Casino & Hotel.

Kickboxing series Girl Power 3 Sunny Beach live on SFR Sport 5

8-Woman Kickboxing Tournament

Irem Akin (Turkey) def. Marina Spasic (Serbia)
Lucie Mudrochova (Czech) def. Zorka Stojanovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Iliana Gelebova (Bulgaria) def. Alina Mayorova (Russia)
Marion Montanari (France) def. Ashley Gilson (Belgium)

Irem Akin (Turkey) def. Lucie Mudrochova (Czech)
Iliana Gelebova (Bulgaria) def. Marion Montanari (France)

Irem Akin (Turkey) def. Iliana Gelebova (Bulgaria)

Official Draw and Weigh-in Results

Marina Spasic (24-6-0, Serbia, 61 kg) vs. Irem Akin (6-0-0, Turkey, 60.6 kg)
Lucie Mudrochova (21-7-0, Czech, 61 kg) vs. Zorka Stojanovic (20-8-0, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 59.2 kg)
Iliana Gelebova (3-3-1, Bulgaria, 59.2 kg) vs. Alina Mayorova (6-5-0, Russia, 58.5 kg)
Marion Montanari (72-8-0, France, 59.6 kg) vs. Ashley Gilson (13-3-2, Belgium, 60.2 kg)

Fighter Information

Marina Spasic
Country: Serbia
Age: 22 years
Height: 1,65 m
Weight: 58 kg
Record: 24-6-0
Club: Kickboxing Team Serbia
Title: Serbian kickboxing champion

Ashley Gilson
Country: Belgium
Age: 28 years
Height: 1,76 m
Weight: 60 kg
Record: 13-3-2
Trainer: Osman Yigin
Club: Osman gym
Title: WKN International champion in Muay Thai (2015)

Alina Mayorova
Country: Russia
Age: 31
Height: 1,70 m
Weight: 57 kg
Record: 6-5-0
Coach: Rostislav Petrovskiy
Club: Predator Gym

Lucie Mudrochova
Country: Czech
Age: 35
Height: 1,70 m
Weight: 60 kg
Record: 21-7-0
Club: Mudroch team
Title: ISKA World champion in Muay Thai (2015)

Irem Akin
Country: Turkey
Age: 20
Height: 1,71 m
Weight: 60 kg
Record: 6-0-0
CoachL Ridvan Akin
Title: IFMA World champion 2014, Turkish champion, Member of national team

Iliana Metodieva Gelebova
Country: Bulgaria
Age: 29
Height: 1,73 m
Weight: 59 kg
Record: 3-3-1
Coach: Nikolay Atanasov, Nikolay Stoyanov
Club: Samurai Gym Burgas

Zorka Stojanovic
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Age: 19 years
Height: 1,64 m
Weight: 60 kg
Record: 20-8-0
Coach: Borislav Juvanovic
Club: Fight club Jedinstvo Brčko BiH
Title: Champion of BiH in Boxing and kickboxing, K1 European champion WKF, K1 Balkans champion WAKO

Marion Montanari
Country: France
Age: 32
Height: 1,72 m
Weight: 60 kg
Record: 72-8-0
Club: Bron Savate
Title: ISKA World champion 2016, 6x World and European Champion in Savate 2010-2012, 2014-2016

Event Information

The list of officials includes the Hall of Fame boxing referee out of the United States Steve Smoger, the representative of the World Kickboxing Network in Germany Klaus Hagemann and a former WBC International lightweight champion Bruno Wartelle of France.

The ring announcer is a famed French journalist and TV presenter Jean-Philippe Lustyk.