Fight Like a Girl – Friday February 9 Live on SFR Sport 5 & B1B Action TV

Girl Power is a one-night eight-woman featherweight kickboxing contest. To take all, the contender has to collect three victories during one evening in the format of the Olympic system tournament: quarter-final, semi-final and final. The fast-paced bouts are scheduled at 3×2 minute rounds. Prestigious WKN championship belt at stake. The event is held in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Girl Power 5

The roster of Girl Power 5 Stara Zagora includes the winners of three previous episodes, French Mallaury Kalachnikoff (21-1), Turkish Irem Akin (12-0) and Czech Tereza Dvorakova (33-11, 2 KO). Also on the card GP 3 finalist Bulgarian Iliana Gelebova (4-2-1) and GP 2 semi-finalist Serbian Marina Spasic (27-6). The list of new comers features Bulgarian Joana Nwamerue (54-15-1), Bosnian Selma Baltic (20-5) and Croatian Monika Babic (22-9).

8-Woman Kickboxing Tournament

1/4 Final
Mallaury Kalachnikoff def. Monika Babic def via decision
Tereza Dvorakova def. Joana Nwamerue via decision
Irem Akin def. Selma Baltic via decision
Marina Spasic def. Iliana Gelebova via decision

1/2 Final
Mallaury Kalachnikoff def. Tereza Dvorakova via decision
Irem Akin def. Marina Spasic via decision

Irem Akin def. Mallaury Kalachnikoff via desicion

Weigh-in and tournament draw results

Monika Babic (Croatia / 60.8 kg) vs. Mallaury Kalachnikoff (France / 61 kg)
Joana Nwamerue (Bulgaria / 59.8 kg) vs. Tereza Dvorakova (Czech / 60.7 kg)
Irem Akin (Turkey / 61 kg) vs. Selma Batic (Bosnia / 61 kg)
Iliana Gelebova (Bulgaria / 59.5 kg) vs. Marina Spasic (Serbia / 61 kg)